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Word Connect

A fun game where you join letters together to make as many words as you can. We think this is suitable for children in KS1 and KS2.

Maths balance

The idea of the game is to put the correct blocks at both ends of a bridge to help the monster get home. To do this you need to choose 2 or more calculations that equal the same number. We think it's suitable for KS1 and KS2.  

Maths loops light

This game has division, multiplication, addition and subtraction. You press one of the buttons and choose your level. You are then timed while you choose the correct answer to a question. It's a great mental Maths quiz!

Squeebles spelling test

Squeebles Maths Race


The game helps to improve your multiplication. You select your fish and race it against the computer or a friend by answering x table questions. It's great for speeding up your multiplication!



Code A.L.E.X to get him to the end of a path. The paths get harder as you complete more levels and your coding skills expand!

Garage Band


You have to make your own songs with pianos, drums and guitars. It is very fun and you can find out which music you like! We think it is suitable for age 8+.