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Summer Term Curriculum

Spring Term Curriculum

Coronation Day

This afternoon, Mr & Mrs Fisher came into our class so that we could ask them about their memories of Coronation Day. We found out lots of information and Mrs Fisher kindly brought in some jelly and blancmange for us to try. She remembers eating this at her Coronation Day celebration in 1953.

Our 'Wild Things' are having a rumpus!

Summer Term

Today we started our new text 'The Door'. The children thought about what it might be like to pass through a portal to another world.

Village Walks and Mapping

We enjoyed walking around Creech St Michael and looking at the amenities in our village. We walked to the village centre and then down to the canal. We looked at the different styles of houses in the village and discussed whether they were old or new. we also found out about how the village has changed over the years. We saw where the school used to be and found out that Olivia's great grandfather used to be the butcher in the village. We had a great afternoon learning outside the classroom.

Cheddar Chocolate Factory

At last, the much awaited trip to the Cheddar Chocolate Factory arrived and we were all very excited. It did not disappoint and the children saw how chocolates are made and packaged locally. The grown ups had a go at filling the moulds. Unfortunately, Mrs Gray lost the competition because her gloves were covered in chocolate by the time she had finished. The children were able to empty their own mould and bag up some chocolates to take away. Having watched how the chocolates are packaged, we returned to school with our very own CSM wrapped chocolates to share.

World Book Day 2016
What a fantastic effort Cook Class made today! Well done to everyone for their wonderful costumes. You all looked great and worked just as hard as ever.

Spring Term

We have been busy learning about the rainforest and how chocolate was discovered long ago. With Mrs Elliott, we have been looking at plants and how they grow.

4th February - Poetry Writing

We had a lovely welly-walk today collecting ideas for poetry.

8th February - Non-Fiction Writing

This term we have been learning how to write reports which are full of facts and information. These are called non-chronological reports. After learning about the Somerset Silver-Tip Dragon, we improvised the text and wrote our own reports on the Taunton Tree Dragon. We are very pleased with the results.

3rd September - Welcome to Cook Class

The children arrived in school today looking very smart and ready for the new school year. We talked about our code for the classroom and how we are going to work together this year.

Captain Cook

We have started to learn about Captain James Cook, the famous explorer.

Captain Cook's Visit

 10th September - Magic Beans

There was great excitement this week when Mrs Gray sold her bike for magic beans. We decided to plant them and see if we too could grow a beanstalk like Jack.

We have also been learning how to use an atlas.

24th September

This week, some of the children brought their beanstalks back into class. We compared how much each had grown. We also started writing our own beanstalk stories and made Mrs Gray very proud with our hard work.

9th October - Painting Like Van Gogh

We have been learning about the artist,Vincent van Gogh and studying his painting 'Starry Night'. This week we worked in pairs on our own versions.

Autumn Term 2

Welcome Back

 The children returned to school this week with lots of exciting tales to tell of half term activities enjoyed.

In Maths, we started learning about fractions particularly halves and quarters and in English our new text is a set of instructions on how to fly to the moon. We enjoyed following these on Tuesday morning!


We have been learning about the Hindu festival of Divali with Mrs Elliot. This week we have been making Diva lamps and writing about Divali using the laptops. Some of us have been trying to read and follow instructions on how to make a clay animal. This week, we wrote our own instructions on how to defeat a monster. Mrs Gray was very proud of us.

End of Term

What an exciting week it has been in Cook Class. On Tuesday we all gathered to watch Tim Peake 'blast off' on his journey to the International Space Station. We were very excited and wondered how it might feel. On Wednesday we shared Christmas lunch together in the hall and started making our Christmas cards.