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W/c 6th July and 13th July English- Rainy Day Rabbit

Eager Elephants

Afternoon activities to choose from

Key areas to work on in maths:


Reading, writing and ordering the teen numbers


Learning how to double amounts


Finding one more and one less than a number


Find and recognise 2D shapes


Adding two amounts together



W/c 22nd June Afternoon activities-please do one activity each afternoon

15th June and 22nd June English Talk for Writing (2 week unit)

w/c 15th June Plants-please do one activity each afternoon.

Tuesday 9th June: a message to you all from Sophie Hill, our head girl

W/C 1st June and 8th June Talk For Writing English (this is 2 weeks work)

W/C 8th June Topic Activities For The Afternoon-Minibeasts

Afternoon Activities-Reception children in school will be going home at 1:00pm this week


Please continue to read with an adult each day, try these free books:


Play outside or get some exercise on a bike, scooter or walking


Please continue to practise, reading, writing and counting objects up to 20. Learn one more and one less than a number.

Art Challenge-the teachers have been busy in the art gallery. Can you create a piece of art and send it to us?

Eager Elephants

Here is some more work for you to try out at home.
Have fun and do a little each day.  
I have planted some sunflower seeds and they are beginning to grow.
I am going to measure them each week to see how they grow.
I will take some photos and put them on the website. 
 If we were at school we would have been having a competition to see who could grow the tallest sunflower. 
 Perhaps you could ask your grown ups to buy some sunflower seeds and see how tall your sunflower grows each  week. It will be fun to have photos of them for the website .
Maybe you could ask for some help to make a small booklet with the date each week and how tall the sunflowers have grown and draw a picture of how many leaves the plant has. 

Have fun with the activities this week. 
Mrs Warwick and Mrs Howlett

Maths and English work. Please try to read to a grown up each day. Ask your grown up questions about the stories you read and see if they can remember some of the main points of the story.

Joshua has done some fantastic work at home. Well Done Joshua what brilliant work and looks such fun too.

The PTFA have decided to run a competition for the children so that they can be part of the recording this moment in history. We have decided to run a competition to design a flag to record what lockdown means to them. There will be a £20 book token prize for each key stage, the overall winner will have their design made as a flag to be displayed at school. There are two templates to choose from. Entries to the email address by 10th June. By sending in an entry parents consent to the design (not children's name or details) being shared on the ptfa Facebook page.

Hello Elephant Class

 We hope you have been enjoying the lovely weather and have been playing outside.

Alfie.B sent over a great story he was reading and I really wanted to share it with you all. Unfortunately the file was too large and I couldn’t upload it. I hope he will read it to you when we get back to school. 

Isla has been on Purple Mash and has completed some lovely work. Well done Isla. Can we share this with Elephant Class when we go back to school please?
There is some school work on the website for you to try out next week. If you get a chance to take some photos please send them to the school and I will put them on the website.

I have been busy in the garden and walking my dogs around my field. There are a lot of buttercups in the field. I attempted to shear the dogs as they were getting too hot tthey now are a lot cooler in this weather.
I Have taken some photos of the dogs playing in the buttercup field. Can you see the pathway we have made walking around the field? There is also a photo of my tortoise and hedgehog who are becoming very good friends and enjoying spending some time in the garden.

We are missing you all and hoping you are all keeping well.

Mrs warwick and Mrs Howlett  

Elephant Class Home Learning -

Hi Elephant Class


It was so good phoning your homes this week and finding out what you have all been doing.

Emily sent me a lovely photo of her  writing and making what looked liked Jelly. It made me very hungry.

Please try some of the activities with your adults and enjoy.

It is now May and I know some of you have had a birthday which we have missed as we are not in school. 

We hope you had a lovely time celebrating with your family.

missing you all.


Mrs Warwick and Mrs Howlett

Happy Easter EYFS children!

Weekly letter to parents

For those of you who have access to facebook, 'Zumba freak' is a page worth checking out.  There are daily 'zumba kids' videos, which are a really fun way to get children exercising!

Please visit this website for information on supporting phonics at home.

Suggestions for working at home:

Pancake Day.

Tractor Visit!

We were so excited to have a visit from farmer Ryan with his tractor!  We learnt all about what his tractor is used for and got to ask him questions.  We were so surprised at how big the tractor wheels were!  This was a lovely way to start our learning about transport.

We wrote letters to farmer Ryan to thank him for bringing his tractor in and have had a go at using pastels to draw our own tractors. 


Our First Nativity- EYFS Nativity

We were very excited to get our 'special delivery' from the office today. We all used the resources inside the sack to help tell the story of 'The Jolly Christmas Postman.' We had lots of opportunities to learn more about it in our busy time. We even learnt a song about the Jolly Postman's deliveries!

Special delivery The Jolly Christmas Postman.

We've enjoyed using the puppets to retell the story. 

"I'm terrified of the wolf!" (Erin, acting out the role of The Jolly Postman). 

We wanted to have a go at writing our own message to The Jolly Postman. Lots of us wrote questions for him, which we had a go at asking during 'hot seating', which really helped us with our speaking and listening! 


We were excited about posting our messages and questions to The Jolly Postman, so Mrs Howlett found us a very big envelope and we stuck a stamp on, wrote his address and then two of us took it down to the office and asked Mrs Symons to post it for us! I wonder if it will reach the Jolly Postman?! 


Creech St Michael Primary School EYFS and KS1-  Facebook Page.

 Creech St Michael Primary School PTFA -  Facebook Page.


Phonics support with teaching your children the correct sound at home. 

'How to pronounce pure sounds' - (scroll down to see the video)


Purple Mash (You will receive a log in and password ) 


Top Marks- maths games and nursery ryhmes






Nursery rhymes and songs


We have been getting used to our new inside and outside classroom and learning to share with our new friends.

Elephant Class look so smart in their school uniform.

Welcome to the reception Class