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Just a little note to say.... Hello.  I am hearing from all your Teachers how well you are getting on with your school work. Keep going, you are all doing a great job. Well doneyes . We miss you at school and hope to see you soon. Take caresmiley Mrs Littlewood


Mrs Littlewood's Activity Challenges


Hope you had a good week last week even though the weather wasn't too good. It looks like it might be better this week smiley Stay safe and look after yourselves.



Feelings Hunt Challenge


Go on a feelings hunt around your family.  With your parents permissions, you could even telephone people in your family who are not living with you (or friends) and ask them how they are feeling.   Write (or draw) each feeling on a heart sheet.

5 day Kindness to yourself challenge 


How can you be kind to yourself? This is 5 sessions of activities so you can do this over a whole week.

Being kind to yourself will really help your wellbeing.

One EACH day (AND a certificate for day 6 IF you finish them all!!!)

Happy Booklet


Make a small booklet and on each page, write about, or draw a picture of things that make you feel happy.

It could be something like this, Helping Others, exercise, sports, learning something new, or making friends.




Make a Jar of Courage


With Help from an adult, make a label and put it on the outside of your jar.  (This could even be a cup or a plastic tub if you don't have a jar).   Write yourself messages on pieces of paper and fill it up with your own positive quotes and messages. If you are a little worried, take one out and read it.  Believe it or talk with an adult about it.

Rainbow Walk


Notice the colours around you.   You might be able to do this in your garden, or simply by looking out of the windows.  See how many things you can find that are the colours of the rainbow and make a note of them on a picture of a rainbow you have drawn on a sheet of paper.    When its finished, ask if you can put it in your window for other people to see and smile.

Self-esteem bookmark


Create your own bookmark, using positive words that make you feel special.  You can use it when you are reading to remind you just how special you are!


Worry Monster


I have heard some of you have been worrying this week. So I thought you might like to design your own worry monster.

What shape and colour will it be? Cut him out and stick in your room somewhere. Then you can feed your monster all your worries and make them go away.

Happy Place


What does your happy place look like?   On a blank sheet of paper, draw a picture of it, in as much detail as you can. 

A to Z list about me.


Write the letters of the alphabet from A to Z down a sheet of paper.   Then, put a word that starts with the letter and described something about you or your personality.

 What is your Perfect Day?


Have a think about what your perfect day would look like.  Draw 6 things that you would like to include.

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