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Friday 6th May 2022 - Our first time using the 'big apparatus' during our PE lesson!

Thursday 5th May 2022

We were lucky enough to have another visit from Farmer Ryan today and this time he bought along some animals too!  We were very excited to meet Lydia the lamb and Colin the calf.

EYFS Curriculum Jigsaw Summer Term 2022


This week we have enjoyed making Easter gardens, wearing our Easter bonnets and hunting for eggs!  Happy Easter!  

31.3.22 - Farmer Visit

Farmer Ryan visited us this morning and brought his tractor along too.  He talked to us about how he looks after his 400 cows and 300 sheep.  He is very busy!  He uses the tractor for many different jobs.  We all had the chance to sit in the tractor and are now going to paint pictures of it.


EYFS Curriculum Jigsaw Spring term 2022

We like to follow children's interests as much as possible in Gnomes and Sprites class, so although we have planned loosely for the coming term (see below attachment), this is flexible and will change according to where the children's interests take us. 

16th and 17th December 2021

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We have had a very special visitor and had great fun playing party games.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a happy healthy new year.  Have fun!

From all of the EYFS team 

Supporting your child with the correct letter formation:

  Weekly letter formation sayings to accompany the videos :

        1.10.21     - "Here we go, Maisey, mountain mountain, off we go again."

                          a - "Here we go, round the apple, down the leaf, off we go again."

                          s - "Here we go, slither down the snake, off we go again."

                          d - "Here we go, round his bottom, up his tall neck, down to his feet, off we go again."

                          t - "Here we go, down the tower, across the tower, off we go again."

       8.10.21      i - "Here we go, down the body, dot for the head, off we go again."

                         n - "Here we go, down Nobby, over his net, off we go again."

                         p - "Here we go, down the plait and over the pirate’s face, off we go again."

                         - "Here we go, round her face, down her hair and give her a curl, off we go again."

                         o - "Here we go, all around the orange, off we go again."


Saying sounds correctly:


EYFS Curriculum Jigsaw Autumn Term 2021

EYFS Letter to Parents (10th September 2021)

The children in Gnomes Class have been enjoying their first few days at school!