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EYFS children joined with pre school and held a Teddy Bears Picnic in the school grounds.

All the children made jam sandwiches and enjoyed eating them with their own teddies.

Teddy Bears Picnic

Castle Day - EYFS and KS1 hed a castle Day. They worked in their house groups for the day going to different classes for activities.Everyone dressed up in castle themed dress for the including the teachers.

Easter Hat Parade - EYFS and Preschool children enjoy parading their Easter hats.

Easter Hat Parade.

EYFS children joined with Pre-school for a parade.

They worked hard designing and making their hats at home.

well done everyone for joining in.

A Fire Engine Visits

Ladybird Class have been busing finding out about teen numbers.

Clown Dancing with Mr Butcher

Book Week with limited pictures of children due to snowy weather. we had fun enjoying discussing characters.

As part of Shrove Tuesday celebrations we had lots of fun running races flipping our pancakes.

We had so much fun today in Ladybirds class. We used the clues which were packed in a rucksack to try to guess where we were going. We guessed that we would need the blanket, hot water bottle, hat, scarf and gloves for somewhere very cold! We got dressed up and braved the wintry conditions. It was worth the journey, because at the end we discovered an arctic tent! We all went inside and read stories and learnt facts about what it was like to live in cold conditions. What a busy morning!

Today we went on a winter walk to introduce our ‘Ice and Fire’ topic. We thought about our 5 senses and tried to describe what we could hear, see, feel, taste and smell. We then wrote a simple poem.


EYFS Children enjoyed a day bringing in their bikes and scooters. They made their own number plates, learnt how to keep safe on the roads. They enjoyed washing their bikes and then riding around the playground on them.

The EYFS children are settling into their class and making lots of new friends.

Here is some of the work we have been working on in our new class

Celebrating Harvest

Harvest Assembly