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Magdalen Farm - Exploring the fruit and vegetables

In DT we have been looking at the purpose and important design features of boats. We have tested out shapes and materials for our boats and anchors and have now created boats that are able to carry a specific cargo. Our anchors should successfully hold the boat and have the ability to be wound back up to allow the boat to continue on its journey.

Topic work - working collaboratively and using playdough to make river formations.

Investigating sound in science

Creating our own song and clapping pattern with a beat of 4.

Finding right angles in our environment

Investigating evaporation of water on the playground

Using our coding skills to create characters and make them dance together.

Celebrating my Web of Relationships

Pentecost. We have had a lovely morning working with the Church and talking about Pentecost. Thank you.

Collaboration and Resilience

PSHE Jigsaw lesson. Today we talked about the stereotype roles of men and women.

Easter Egg Hunt- What a beautiful sunny day to to go outside in our school grounds. We used our IPads to scan the QR codes on the eggs which gave us a clue to an Easter phrase.

Parents' Consultation Meetings - Spring 2021

Making Viking Bread

Spring Term Curriculum Jigsaw

Hello Moorhen Class,



It was so lovely to see most of you in on Monday, telling me about all your lovely Christmas's. It feels very strange to be home learning again and this time we are all trying to get used to using Google Classroom. There will be work set for you everyday so please log in daily to check any notices and complete your work. We will also be able to have Google Meets on there occasionally so please check it daily and try your best to complete the work. 


I will check on one piece of maths and one piece of English each week and give you some feedback on this- I will let you know if you need to hand anything back into me. 


Remember you have your home learning book to complete the work in should you want to use it. 


Take care, I hope to see you soon. From Miss Owen.  


Spelling Homework

Congratulations- the first times table certificates have been given out in Moorhen class. Keep up the hard work. We are working on 2, 10 and 5 times tables.

Parents and Teacher Consultations

This week we have been writing shape poems about the sky. The children have written some really lovely pieces of work.

Letter from Miss Owen