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Our final set of certificates! Well done everyone!


More Certificates- Well done everyone!

Together we helped to create a fruits of the spirit design with bottle tops- ready to be our school grounds.

Lots of certificates over the last few weeks. Well done everyone!

Yesterday, we made sails to experiment with following our DT work looking at boats. Today, we tried out our designs to see which were the fastest with a hairdryer wind behind them!

A big well done to Ella and Jacob for achieving their 250 reads - Super reading!

This afternoon, we compared boat shapes and how many pennies these would hold with different materials. This is in preparation for designing our own boats.

Experiment looking at evaporation as part of learning about the water cycle

Well done to Theo for passing his Gold target times tables and Lilly-Faye for reaching her 100 reads.

Well done to these children who all learned their times tables targets during Half-Term and passed today: Ella H, Ella S, Coby and Owen G

Well done to our readers this week: Poppy - 100 reads, Liam & Lola - 150 reads and Teigan - 200 reads! Keep on reading.

Today in Maths, we started to learn about direction.  The children enjoyed doing this activity outside in the sunshine for part of the lesson and used collaboration to help instruct each other which direction to turn.  They had to tell each other to turn either a quarter, a half turn or three-quarter turn and then whether they had to turn in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.  Hopefully they all know their North, South, East and West now and have a fun exercise for homework to complete today.

Eoin's camp-out to fund raise

We are all very proud of Eoin who camped out in a tent in his garden for a whole month to raise money for Huntington's Disease.  Today Eoin brought in a trophy that his Aunty gave him as a reward.  Well done Eoin - what an amazing achievement!

Ben has completed his 55 club times tables in less than a minute!

Well done to lots of children in Otters class who have passed their target times tables this week - keep up the practising!

Well done to Chloe and Ethan for achieving 150 reads and to Ella for her 100 reads

Well done Jacob on achieving his 55 Club times tables in under 1 minute - a fantastic achievement!

Well done to Owen, Mantas, Lilly-Faye and Chloe for all achieving their target times table this week.

Well done to these children who all achieved either their 100, 150 or 200 reads certificates this week.

We have been learning the different parts of plants and flowers in Science and labelling them on our display board.

In Science we have been looking at parts of a plant and a flower. The children had a bean and they soaked some cotton wool to see if the roots would sprout. Some grew better than others!

Well done to these children who all reached their target times tables this week and received their certificates.

This week’s super readers!

Well done to Lucy for achieving her 200 reads certificate and to Johnny for achieving his 100 reads certificate.

Today was NSPCC Numbers Day.....

.... and we had a visit from Willow the dog this morning : D

For another collaboration task the class were challenged to move over a distance on mats. All members of each group had to keep their feet on and if anyone touched the grass they all had to go back to the beginning. This was so much fun... especially to watch!

James completed his 55 Club Times Tables in under 1 minute!!

This week's Times Tables superstars!

Well done to Bernie and Willow who have received their 100 reads certificates.

This term we are exploring Collaboration. For our 1st task the class separated into 4 groups. Each group had a 1/4 of a painting, primary colour paints including black and white and a certain number of cotton buds. Their aim was to work collaboratively in their group to produce each section of the final piece. This was a very interesting challenge!

Our finished collaborative painting!

Yesterday in Science, we began investigating how water travels up the stem of a plant. Today, we looked at the results of our experiment.

Congratulations to the children who were awarded this week's Reading and Times Tables certificates.

Reading Certificates - Well done to these children who have all reached either their 100, 150 or 200 reads. A fantastic achievement. Times Tables Certificates - Well done to the 4 who passed this week.

We had a lot of fun with an Easter Egg Challenge this afternoon. The class searched for QR codes with the iPads and found letters to unscramble for a message from the teaching team.

Well done to Coby for completing 100 home reads so far this year. Many of you are very close to your next certificate so we will be expecting to award more after the holidays.

Congratulations - this week's certificates!

This week's Reading and Times table certificates. Well done to you all for working so hard : )

More lovely Viking shields made at home during lockdown. Fantastic to see them in school! (Jacob's is up on display).

Lola with the shield she made at home for our Viking topic this term.

This week's certificates. We caught up with all your home reads and those who passed their Times Tables on Monday. Well Done to you!

Parents' Consultation Meetings - Spring 2021

In Science this week we were looking at ways to melt ice more quickly.

WELCOME BACK! LOVELY TO HAVE THE WHOLE OTTER CLASS BACK TOGETHER. We chatted over drinks and cakes in our classroom cafe to start the day with our friends : D

Last Friday (5th) we followed our recipes for making Viking bread. Mixing, kneading and wrapping ready to take home to bake!

Have a lovely, safe half term everyone.

We miss you all and hope to see you some time during

the next half term.

heart The Otter Teaching Team heart

Our Viking brooches made with clay. We looked carefully at the symmetry of our patterns.

We completed our Viking shields this afternoon. Hope your one at home looks as fierce and colourful!

Today, we caught up with the in-school Reading Records. We know many of you are continuing to read at home and we will count your reads once you return to school. Ethan and Teigan received their 100 reads certificates today. Well done to you both : )

Today both Lilly and Ella passed their times tables. We know many of you are passing them at home too... so, well done to everyone and we're hoping it won't be too much longer before we are all back together again :)

Hello Otters!

We thought we'd share our Viking shield making from this afternoon with you all at home. Hope you have as much fun making yours, if you want to have a go laugh






Hello to you all! 

We're in changing times again with most of you now learning at home.


Please use Google Classroom, as you have been shown in school, to access your Home Learning work.

Please complete the work in the red book or yellow for Maths. 

If Miss Marks needs a piece of work submitting online then there will be a SUBMIT button clearly visible at the end of the work.


We have a group class meeting planned for tomorrow ( Friday 8th January) from 1.30pm 'til 2.

You can find the link as the top entry on our class page and you should all have had an email invitation.

It will be lovely to see you all - it's strange (and quiet!) here without you.

Times Tables were off and running again today with certificates for 9 successful children. Congratulations!! There are many who are very close to passing so please keep practising : )

Lucy and Ella are the 1st to receive 100 home reads certificates. Well done girls!

Well done to those children who completed their 50 home reads and received certificates today : )

Welcome back to Spring Term Otters Class.

Great to see you all looking refreshed and ready to learn.

Thank you once again for our lovely cards and presents.


The Otters Team would like to thank you for all our presents and cards.

We wish our children and families a very Happy Christmas and a hope to see you healthy and refreshed in the New Year.


During our free time on Party Day some of the class decided to build a Stone Age fortress with playing cards. Great to see that they've been inspired by this term's topic.

The whole school had a visit from Father Christmas on Thursday...

Well Done Lola who received her 50 reads certificate today!



Otters class on Christmas Jumper Day : D

Some of our finished Turner-inspired artwork. Loving the different atmospheres across the paintings!

Certificates this week for 50 home reads and passed Times Tables. Well done you lot : D

Otters have made rain gauges with the bottles brought in from home. We're hoping it will rain lots over the next few days so we can collect and measure it.

We also had another 6 children complete their 50 reads at home so congratulations to you too : )

Another hugely successful Times Tables week again. Congratulations to you all!

Turner's paintings are inspiring our Art this half term. We used sponges and paint to create our stormy seas.

This week's amazing Times Tables achievers and Teigan also received her 50 home reads certificate. Well done to you all, we are proud of the progress you are making this year so far : )

Another amazing high scoring week with 17 children passing their Time Tables! We also had another 50 home reads certificate to hand out. We are very proud of you and it is lovely to see many others of you working so hard every week to improve your scores.

Our thoughtful Remembrance poems on display in the classroom

This morning, Otters class wrote a shared acrostic poem by collecting ideas from the children. We were so impressed that we wanted to share it with you. Afterwards, we all wrote our own individual poems too.

Today we have awarded certificates to 4 children who have reached 50 home reads since being in Otters Class. Well done to you - we are hoping to see a few more of you receive your certificates over the next couple of weeks : )

Congratulations to this week's children who have passed their Times Tables. Some of you have passed them every week - you know who you are!

In Science, we were looking at and investigating how different muscles move.

Otter Class Teacher and Teaching Assistants

Miss Marks has been creative with us this week too!!

A small selection of our amazing firework pictures created with chalk, a little sparkle and lots of enthusiasm ; )

This week we enjoyed making our own Stone Age animals. These were first designed in our sketchbooks and recreated into clay models. We will be evaluating this process as part of this term's Art.

Lovely to see everyone back in class today and another fabulous Times Tables result. Well done!

The teaching staff in Otters class all wish you a happy and safe half term.

See you all again on Monday 2nd November.

We were practicing pencil skills for an art assessment. Trying to make light and dark and thoughtfully investigating what we could make our pencils do.

Roald Dahl makes himself comfortable when he writes... so today we added slippers and blankets when we came to writing our stories. These are based on travelling through a portal like the character in the book Stone Age Boy.

In Science we were talking about, looking at and sorting different skeleton types.

We had another fantastic result with this week's Times Tables. Keep up your practice over half term everyone...

Willow visited us again today so we took the opportunity for a whole class photo : )

This week we had a record number of children pass their Times Tables! Congratulations to all 18 of you. Keep up your practice at home : )

Willow, therapy dog, came to see us again today and we thoroughly enjoyed walking her around the school grounds.

Wake and Shake! Otters were moving well this morning...

Still image for this video

Congratulations to all 13 children who passed this week's Times Tables Challenge. Well done!