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Congratulations to this week's Forest School Stars and another special well done to Chakrit for his Gold Book Award too!

Forest School, this afternoon, den building, making with clay and nail and elastic band pictures.

Well done to Maya and Frank for achieving their 200 reads certificate.

Well done to these children who all achieved their target times table certificates this week. Keep up the good work!

Well done to Ayla, Leo, Frank and Poppy who all passed their times tables targets this week!

Well done to Ayla for reaching her 200 reads this week!

This afternoon, our Year 4s had their first Forest School experience this academic year. They worked well in small groups and had lots of fun playing the pots and pans, bug hunting and den building. Charlotte and Ronnie were this week's Forest Stars and Team A won the Golden Pinecone for working well together.

Well done to these children who all passed their times tables target this week! Don’t forget to keep practicing, especially Year 4, because you have your online multiplication check set by the government next week.

Lots of children reached 150 reads during half-term and received their certificates. Rosie reached 200 reads - Well done to all of you!

Fantastic sunny Jubilee picnic with the whole school outside this afternoon. Thank you to you all for your wonderful sandwich and fruit donations

We had some amazing crowns made at home, brought in for today's Jubilee Celebrations.

'She-who-must-be-obeyed' was crowned Queen... for a moment or two!

Yesterday and today, the class learned and shared presentation skills as they talked about the human geography of Spain. We looked at food, famous buildings, Madrid, music and dance and bull fighting traditions.

Well done to Lily for reaching 200 reads!

Well done to Harley and Frank for passing their times tables targets this week!

Well done today to Orlaith for reaching 200 reads - Super!

Lots of children received reading and times table certificates this week - well done to all of them!

Congratulations to our times table stars this week.

Well done to Matilda md Harley who received reading certificates yesterday.

Today in Science, the children learned how to group organisms according to their characteristics. They also enjoyed going outside and finding insects to examine and group them too.

Lots of children passed their target times tables today and received certificates - well done!

This afternoon in science, we began our new subject of Living in Environments and the children went outside to investigate a variety of habitats and explored why different organisms live in different habitats.

Well done to lots of children who all received their pen licence today - keep up the lovely handwriting!

Well done to everyone who entered our class ‘Decorate an Egg’ competition; all entries were superb. The overall winner was Chakrit with his feathered egg and Rosie was the runner up with her chick boiled egg. All children received certificates and a chocolate treat.

Well done Leo for receiving your 100 reads certificate!

Well done to Bella, Harley and Jesse for all passing their target times tables - a great start back.

laugh Have a lovely Easter break and see you all in 2 weeks laugh

Phoenix Teaching Staff

Well done to Idya and Sid who performed in the Music Concert this afternoon in school. The rest of the class and teaching staff were incredibly proud of them both.

Well done to Lawrence, Orlaith and Lily who all entered the competition to draw a picture of a sunflower for the ‘Help for Ukraine’ charity day. They all received certificates for their entries.

Lots of children received reading certificates and passed their target times tables this week - well done! Don’t forget to keep up with TT Rockstars during the Easter Holidays. 🐰

The children had a lovely time at our parish church this morning taking part in their Easter Experience. They learned a deeper understanding of the Easter story and took part in lots of lovely workshops about Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Lent and Good Friday. We are really thankful to Vicar Lee, Donna and the volunteers who set this up.


Please can you do a minimum of 8 reads and record each read, making sure an adult listens to you at least twice (if you are a free reader).
Please dip in and out of TT Rockstars and see if you can really improve your speed.
Miss Marks, Mrs Pike, Mrs West and Mrs Cashen hope you all have a lovely Easter break.  
Ps. Don't eat too much chocolate!  wink


And our Times Tables super stars this week are: Dougie, Bella, Ethan, Lily and Phoebe. Well done for all passing your targets!

Well done to Lawrence, Dougie, Ayla and Poppy for achieving reading certificates this week.

In Science today, we carried out our planned investigation to see which biscuit lasts the longest when dunked in water. The children were very excitable.

Well done to all our superstars this week for achieving their target times tables certificates and/or reaching their 50, 100 or 150 reads.

On Friday (18.03.22), some of the children enjoyed making their own catapults and competing in teams to see who could fire the eggs the furthest. They were also so lucky to have a visit from our school therapy dog, Willow in the afternoon which they loved!

Today in Computing, the children used the programme BBC micro:bit and used MakeCode to program in their own patterns ready to transfer onto their own MicrBits soon.

A belated congratulations to Leo for reaching his 100 reads a few weeks ago!

Well done to Oliver and Phoebe for both receiving their 100 reads certificate today!

Today, Miss Marks handed out some well deserved Pen Licenses. Congratulations to you all 😊

Today the children carried out a science experiment to erupt their fantastic paper mache volcanoes. They learnt that a chemical reaction between vinegar and baking soda creates a gas called Carbon Dioxide.

Lots of children passed their target times tables yesterday, well done!

Well done to Tiffany and Lilly for achieving their 100 reads Reading Certificates today!

Congratulations to Tiffany and Lilly who travelled all the way to Staffordshire at the weekend for a dance competition and their team won the up to 9 years age category. Lilly also achieved 5th in an individual category. Amazing achievement girls!

Well done to Harley, Maya and Alfie for achieving reading certificates today!

This afternoon we painted our volcanos. First the rock underneath and then the dribbling, oozing lava on top. Think the class all enjoyed painting in a different way and the finished effects look great 🤩

World Book Day in Phoenix Class has brought us some amazing characters and costumes! You all look FANTASTIC 😁

Well done to our superstar readers for achieving their 50 or 100 reads certificates!

Creativity Day - the children have really enjoyed making their paper mache volcanoes today and worked superbly in teams. They will be painting them later on this week when they have dried and then carrying out a science experiment to make them erupt!

After learning about Mount Kilimanjaro, the children started drawing in their sketch books, copying a photo and completing the other half of the image.

In PSHE the class have been imagining and creating their own garden designs.

Whilst learning about earthquakes, we practiced an earthquake drill by quietly and quickly covering our heads under the tables.

Today for Safer Internet Day, the children have enjoyed talking and learning about online safety and making their own fortune tellers.

Well done to these children who all passed their target times tables today.

Well done to Charlotte for reaching her 50 reads and for Samuel and Ayla who have achieved their 100 reads.

Numbers Day 1234567890 - we did lots of fun and educational number related activities!

This morning, Ben came in to teach us some skipping skills. We got some great action shots! Hopefully, more children will try and enjoy skipping as it is a fantastic way to exercise as they could all do it : )

Miss Marks brought her puppy 'Winnie' into class this afternoon - as you can imagine, the children were delighted to meet her!

Well done to Ronnie for reaching his 50 reads!

Lots of children passed their target times tables today - well done!

A group of children from Centaur and Pegasus classes enjoyed their morning at Forest School making a fire and cooking marshmallows!

Today in English, the children enjoyed reading haiku poems to the class. Tomorrow, they will write their own from scratch.

Well done to Lily who has reached her 100 reads!

Well done to these children who have all passed their target times tables today - keep up the great practice!

Mrs West brought her new puppy in this afternoon called Rosie. She is only 9 weeks old and the children loved seeing her!

Lots of children passed their target times tables today - Well done!

Well done to Orlaith who has achieved her ‘100’ Reads certificate!

Well done to Dougie for achieving his 50 reads certificate!

Times Tables Certificates 

Well done to lots of children for passing their target times tables. Keep up the good work.


Reading Certificates 

Well done to Leo for achieving his 50 reads and Rosie for achieving her 100 reads.

Aaliyah also reached her 50 home reads over the Christmas holidays!

Well done to Leo and Lily for passing their target times tables!


Welcome back, we hope you all had a lovely break and enjoyed time together as a family.

Well done to Jesse, Chakrit and Poppy for achieving their 50 reads.

heartThe Phoenix Teaching Team would like to wish all our children and theirheart

heartfamilies a very wonderful Christmas and will see you all in theheart

heartNew Year at the start ofheart

heartour Spring Term.heart

We've had a lovely (and noisy!) last day of term... lots of games, puzzles and fun activities including Charades and Pin the Nose on Rudolf.

This afternoon, the children enjoyed making some Peppermint Creams and hopefully they will bring them home tomorrow gift wrapped. It was an excitable atmosphere in our classroom and a lot of mess to tidy away. We have some budding young chefs amongst us too!

Well done to Ethan, Alfie and Oliver for all achieving their 50 reads certificates.

Lots of children passed their times tables targets yesterday in Maths - well done everyone!

Yesterday in English, the children did some role play and pretended to be reporters interviewing the children who had won golden tickets from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - they absolutely loved it and we definitely have some budding young actors in Phoenix Class!

Reading certificates were given out for completing 50 reads at home. Well done!

Well done to the 6 children awarded certificates for their times tables this week.

Idya and Rosie were both awarded Forest School Stars this afternoon for their excellent teamwork. Well done girls!

Today, we did drama and mime in our English session linked to the characterisation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory figures.

Leo and Kenzie have both received Headteacher awards today from Mrs McCarthy for their excellent writing in English. Well done boys!

Lots of children passed their times tables targets this morning - well done to Ayla, Matilda, Sidney, Samuel, Tiffany, Poppy (back row) and Idya, Bella, Rosie, Frank (front row) and Phoebe (not in photo).

Well done to Bella and Idya this week who have achieved their 50 reads certificates.

Well done Lilly, Bella, Matilda and Phoebe for passing their target times tables today.

Well done to Samuel, Lilly N, Orla and Tiffany for completing 50 home reads and receiving their certificates.

Well done to Lily, Alfie, Ayla, Matilda (back row) and Bella and Rosie (front row) for achieving their pen licences. Keep up the beautiful handwriting!

Today in Art, we have been learning the basic skills of drawing our faces and features through observation.

Well done to Lilly N, Lily C, Bella, Rosie, Jesse, Samuel, Aaliyah, Frank, Chakrit, Ilya and Maya for all passing their target times tables today!

Well done to Lily, Matilda, Ayla and Rosie who have all received their 50 reads certificates.

On Thursday, we made poppies and had photos taken of our hands to make a Remembrance Display. These can be seen on our classroom window and look really effective.

Today in our Topic lesson, the children looked at a Time Line to see what Britain was like before the Romans.

Well done to Maya, Lily, Rosie, Chakrit and Samuel for passing their Times Tables Targets!

In Science on Monday, the children enjoyed making circuits and using a balloon to create Static Electricity with their hair. We were not short of volunteers for this experiment and there was a lot of laughter!

Well done to Tiffany and Lilly N on achieving a bronze medal in their dance competition this weekend. The children were excited to see the medals.

Congratulations to Chakrit, Harley, Lilly N, Lily C and Maya for passing their Times Tables Targets - A great start to this half-term!

Last Times Tables' certificates of this half term. Keep practicing over the holidays : )

Polling Day for our class councilors to join the School Council.

Willow came to visit us again. We love it when she visits as she's so calm and gentle with us all.

Our Harvest Festival. Thank you for all your generous donations for Taunton food bank.

Times Tables certificates from the last couple of weeks. Well done all of you!

We have been given the amazing opportunity to begin learning how to play the ukulele. These photos are from our first lesson.

We attempted to recreate a Roman Army defense maneuver - the Tortoise. Marching together with Centaur class provided some challenges especially turning corners!!

Well done to the receivers of this week's Times Tables certificates!

Today, our Year 4s have been turning their catapult designs into models. They worked hard and had to think about how the different parts would work.

This afternoon, some children from Minotaurs came into our class to continue with the school theme, this term, of Generosity. They shared the story of The Poor Widow with us.

Congratulations to the 1st children to pass and receive their Times Tables certificates this year. Idya, Aaliyah, Frank and Rosie from our Year 3s and Sidney and Lilly, who are Year 4s.

The class performed in groups to act out a scene from our book 'Escape From Pompeii' by Christina Balit.

We had a visit from Kings College Sixth Form students for an afternoon of sport activities.