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Children's work

Stonehenge at sunset silhouettes - colourwash and black paper collage

Parents' evening phone call request slips

Stone Age DT part 1 - Skara Brae models in the making

Stone Age DT part 2 - Skara Brae models made in clay

Stone Age DT part 3 - the finished Skara Brae models with dirt floors and turf rooves

Class letter Friday 18th September, curriculum jigsaw, parents curriculum evening PowerPoint, and home learning information

Mr Parsons and Mrs Hay

More Stone Age Art - mesolithic sculptures of 'The Thinker' and 'Sitting Woman'

Drama/role play this week - 'Last of my Kind'

PE and team building with Mrs Hay

Crazy cave art!

Wednesday 2nd September

Letter to Salamanders parents Friday 11th Sept