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Water Voles

Water Vole's and Dormice's Nativity.

The children really enjoyed acting out the story of the Nativity today and they all sang beautifully!

We have been learning about schools in times gone past.  Today we pretended to be in a Victorian school...

A few photos of today's PE lesson.

Investigating our sense of taste.

We are learning about instructions and today we found out why it is important to give clear instructions. We had to programme our 'robot' to make a jam sandwich - but sometimes our instructions were not clear enough!

The Storm on the Lake - drama to recall the story of Jesus in RE

A few photographs of this week's activities. Don't forget, if your child is in EYFS, to look at the Dormice's class page for further pictures!

Some of the things we have been doing this week!

Letter to EYFS Parents (Dormice Class and Water Voles Class)

Welcome from Mrs Schollar