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Ahlberg - Year 2: 2014-2015

End of Term

Thank you to Ahlberg Class for a wonderful end of term. It was lovely to be able to celebrate all of our achievements after such a lot of hard work by everyone! Thank you for all the beautiful cards, messages of support and thoughtful gifts. Have a super Summer!

Axe Valley Wildlife Park

Ahlberg and Milne Class had a great day at the park on Wednesday. Our visit started with a handling session where we were able to hold or touch some of the minibeasts. Some were not so 'mini' and Mrs Gray was given  her very own challenge!

An Exciting Week in Ahlberg Class

What an exciting week it has been! After the birth of our butterflies on Friday 5th June, we spent the beginning of the week making observations as they continued to drink and grow stronger inside the butterfly garden. On Wednesday morning, it was time to set them free. We went out into the supergrounds with the other classes and watched as the net was opened carefully and the butterflies released one by one. It was a beautiful moment.

On Friday evening, Paradis, Evie, Kate and Tegan all took part in 'Creech Has Got Talent' and represented our class with their acts. They did it so well in fact, that they claimed third and first prize trophies. Well done girls! It was  fantastic night and well done to all those who entered.

Summer Term

Children in Ahlberg Class came back to school today only to find that something had been living in the classroom during the holiday.

We looked for clues to see if we could work out what it might be. Most of us agreed that it was a living thing from the wild or a 'wild thing'. here are some of our ideas.

Living Things

We have been learning about living and non-living things in Science. We searched the school grounds for living things.


In RE we are learning about special books and stories. Some children brought their own Bibles into school. Mrs Gray brought in the Gray family Bible. It is very heavy and it has been in the family for nearly 150 years.

On Tuesday we were given our own Bibles in assembly. Mrs Henshaw, one of our governors, had organised this. We are extremely grateful and have enjoyed reading them in class.

Where the Wild Things Are

We have been busy learning the story of 'Where the Wild Things Are' by Maurice Sendak. This week, we started writing our own versions. We all worked very hard to get the whole story written using our toolkits. Mrs Gray is proud of us!

Election Day

Just before going home on Election Day, children in Ahlberg Class voted for the new school mascot, after listening to all the candidates in the hall. It was  secret ballot!

Special Jobs and Rainforests

We have been busy completing all of our special jobs for Mrs Gray but our afternoons have been great fun. We have been learning about the different layers of the rainforest and which animals and creatures live in each section. We have made a collage of the rainforest and painted our own 'wild things'. They seem to be having a bit of a rumpus!

Our Caterpillars!

Our caterpillars arrived in school last Thursday. We are going to watch them grow and change into butterflies.

Creech Has Got Talent!

Some very brave and talented members of the class auditioned for the talent show. We were very impressed with their performances!


We have been investigating different fabrics this week and trying to find out which are waterproof and which are not. We thought about how we could design a fair test. There were some surprising results.

Spring Term

It has been a busy week in Ahlberg Class. We have been creating our Great Fire of London display. We mixed colours to make flame colours to form the background. We have looked carefully at Tudor houses and drawn them in our sketch books. We made the outline of the houses with straws and then printed with them on old looking paper. Its been a lot of fun.

We have also been learning about symmetry this week.

Making symmetrical patterns and pictures

Autumn Term

Ahlberg Class have been learning about portraits in Art. We have looked at famous portraits such as the Mona Lisa and we have done pencil sketches of our friends. We are currently working on our own self-portraits which we are painting.


In English we are learning to tell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. On the first day of term Mrs Gray had some magic beans which we planted and took home to watch.